Other Healing Modalities 

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is used for treatment of illness, the optimization of health, and prevention of disease. The earth supplies us with everything we need to survive such as air, water, sun light, and food. Ancient Chinese doctors used this understanding to discover plants, minerals, and animals to create herbal formulas that are very specific to TCM diagnosis. Through 2,000 years of trial and error, these formulas have stood the test of time.



Fire from a cotton ball is quickly placed in a glass cup, as it cools while it is on your skin it creates a vacuum by suctioning.  Think of it as an inverse massage. Rather than applying pressure, the facia is sucked into the cup to enhance circulation, help relieve pain, pull toxins out of your tissues, and remove heat.  Typically, the initial session will produce a lot of redness, and each subsequent treatment will produce less and less; by the time a person heals they will no longer get redness in the area of pain. Most people feel a deep sense of calmness after a cupping session.


Electrostimulation Acupuncture

If warranted, needles can be attached to an electrical current to assist with greater stimulation on the needle. This treatment works well with chronic issues such as pain, depression, acne, and neurological disorders.


Gua Sha

Gua Sha is another term for dermal friction which used to break up stagnation in areas of your body. Imagine how you'd feel if you could get rid of those knots in your upper back and shoulders! It’s also a way of treating the early stage of cold and flu, headaches, and fever.


Lifestyle Counseling

Traditional philosophy states that having harmony and in your life will help with having harmony in your body. With my experience as a therapist we will look into ways that your life may be out of balance and process through ways that you can get your needs met. Changes can be a lot easier if you feel you have understanding, support, and feedback. However, our sessions should not take the place of your mental health or addiction therapist.


Food Therapy

Food is the most important medicine. Your health starts with what you put into your body. The best part is that you don’t have to eat less! You just have to eat right. We will examine any foods that can be added to your diet as well as help you to be more aware of how food affects your body and mood. Do you know that there is a specific acupuncture protocol that helps with cravings?!


Tui Na Massage

Specific massage techniques are used to work the meridians into balance. You’ll likely leave with acupressure points that you can use throughout your day to assist your healing process.