If you are struggling with addiction, mental health complications, adrenal fatigue, stress, trauma, grief, hormonal imbalances, chronic disease, an unhealthy lifestyle, or you are simply not where you'd like to be, developing a treatment plan is your best option. On your first visit I will spend a great deal of time interviewing you to determine an accurate Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis.  We will also look into your lifestyle, emotions, eating and sleeping habits, and energetic needs to set up goals to get you on a path towards holistic healing.  On your second visit you will receive a treatment plan which will be guided by your comfort level. No pushy advice, just a doable plan of action. In addition to your acupuncture treatment, your subsequent visits will consist of addressing the changes you have made, making adjustments, and talking through challenges that you are facing. The goal of a treatment plan is to become less reliant upon medical intervention and to help you develop your own personal plan for your health and vitality. Because of this, my clients find that they achieve results faster and with fewer appointments than standard acupuncture treatments without a treatment plan. 

If you are satisfied with you emotional, spiritual, and physical health, a treatment plan is not necessary for you. Acupuncture will help with your symptoms and speed your recovery while you continue your own self-care routine. If you are in a place in your life where you do not have the time, finances, or mental energy to make changes with a treatment plan, acupuncture will still benefit you greatly in managing stress and physical symptoms . Please see pricing differences here

Photo Credit:  Paul Johnson

Photo Credit: Paul Johnson